A Gift for the Dalai Lama


This weekend was one giant kindness experiment!

It started with an interview on Channel 7’s Sunrise and ended with our “kindness crew” handing out kindness cards to the Dalai Lama’s audience of 11,000 people!

During my talk at the Dalai Lama’s event, I invited each person in the audience to do one act of kindness with a kindness card and send in their story by the end of June.

Here’s the special part – we’re going to compile a selection of these kindness card stories into a beautifully designed book and give it to the Dalai Lama as a thank-you.

This experiment can touch thousands of lives – while also allowing us to show our appreciation to His Holiness who declared, “kindness is my religion”.

I’d love you to join the experiment:
1. Do one small act of kindness with your kindness card
2. Share your kindness card story (by the end of June)

Here’s a couple of ideas to get you in the flow…
1. Buy coffee for the next person in line.
2. Leave flowers on your neighbor’s doorstep
3. Place chocolates on a colleague’s desk

Click here to share your story on how the kindness cards have touched your life.

We’d love to include your story in the book for the Dalai Lama!



P.S. Here’s a touching story I received yesterday…

“Today I rang the local nursing home and asked if there was anyone who needed cheering up.

Without giving away any information except my first name, they told me there was a lady called Margaret who has dementia. Margaret has no family left and hasn’t had a visitor for over 2 years.

I arranged for a large bunch of bright coloured flowers to be sent to her today. The nursing home thought my gesture was lovely and looked forward to Margaret’s joy at receiving them – they said she would smile for days at the gesture.

I attached a kindness card to an unsigned greeting card that read: ‘May these flowers make you smile, in turn making others feel your joy.’

I have tears of sadness that she is all alone in this world, but hopefully this will brighten her day.

What a beautiful thing you have started and I am honoured to have participated.” Sally L