A Kind Start To A Tough Morning

Kindness Story 6 | A Kind Start To A Tough Morning | Order Your Free Kindness Cards

“It was a tough morning. I was ill, had recently broken up with my partner and was all round not feeling very happy. I went to get a coffee. After I ordered I realised that the girl ordering after me didn’t have any money on her so she went to the ATM. Whilst I was waiting for my coffee, I paid for her coffee and left a Kindness Card before she arrived back. The cashier asked me what to tell her and I said, ‘random act of kindness.’ The cashier told the girl it was me and as I was getting into my car the girl ran after me, hugged me and said thank you as she was having a tough morning too! She asked to have a photo with me and said she would pass the kindness on. It simply made my day!”

~ Jules, Sydney

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Order Your Free Kindness Cards