A Revolution in Kindness (for real!)

This week someone asked me what I meant by the ‘Kindness Revolution’?

To me, Kindness is far more than just a word. Rather, Kindness represents a new vision for how we see ourselves, each other and the world. It’s about reclaiming the sacredness of our lives and treating our bodies, each other and the planet, not as “things” to be used, but precious beings to be respected, revered and served.

Encouragingly, you only have to look at what’s happening around the globe to see trends towards kindness…

  • Greed is being challenged in widespread political and social movements
  • Studies are showing the link between relentlessly pursuing money and the rise of depression & anxiety
  • A growing movement of people want their work to be a place of wellbeing, compassion & contribution
  • Scores of scientists are discovering an evidenced-based approach to compassion & generosity
  • And…Ellen Degeneres was given the People’s Choice Award for being so kind & generous 🙂

How can you participate in the Kindness Revolution?

  1. Identify one thing you can do to uncover your own basic goodness. It could be establishing a morning routine, seeing a therapist, cleaning up an addiction or learning how to calm your anxiety. Pick one thing and commit to it.
  2. Choose one thing you can do right now to make someone’s day. It could be writing a thoughtful email or text message, apologizing to a colleague, using a kindness card or calling your dad. The small is where it’s all at.
  3. Have the courage to re-humanize your workplace. You might think these ideas don’t have relevance in the “real world”, but there are tens of thousands who want to dissolve the line between their work lives and inner values.

I know these ideas may be familiar, but if you’re like me you need ongoing support, regular reminders and shit loads of inspiration to make them a reality!

Yours in the vision of a Kind Society.

Warmly, Jono

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