Could We Be Moving Towards an Era of Increased Kindness?


Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you well.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the privilege of screening The Power of The Heart film in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. A big thanks to the 2,500 people who came out to support our first Australian tour!

During these evenings, I’ve been struck by what’s happening for so many people.

Firstly, I’ve noticed a palpable feeling of relief amongst the audience. This relief seems to stem from a sense of gratitude for being amongst a community of like-minded people who value the things that matter most in life – the inner life, the heart, generosity and community.

During these evenings, many of you shared that you no longer believe in the old measures of success based in money, acquisition and power. You expect higher ambitions and more sophisticated value systems that include qualities such as self-awareness, compassion, kindness and creativity.

Could this be pointing to a quiet emergence that’s growing underneath the radar? Could we be moving towards an era of increased kindness?

I believe many of you are now beginning to take responsibility for your micro environments. Creating new ways of living together – with our friends, in our families, our workplaces, our schools and society at large.

I’m fortunate to see examples of creative kindness all the time. It could be the company owner who now starts all her team meetings with the ringing of a meditation bell to cultivate stillness. Or the family who removed their TV so they could take walks together. Or the school who offers credits for students who enrol in subjects like self-compassion, gratitude and kindness.


So where do YOU start? 

The same place all of us start. Right here, right now. In the ordinary moments.

Try it now. Take three deep breaths into your belly. Ask yourself how you can serve. Really listen for what life wants from you. Call up your natural energy. Trust that you are more than enough. Say thanks for everything. Then go to work…Raise laughter. Phone your mum. Use a Kindness Card. Pause before you act. Put a love note in your kids lunchbox.

Go on, break from the norm and take risks for love. Bring your own unique expression of kindness and gentleness into the world. Together, we will create a kinder and more enlightened society.

Thank you for believing in what we do. I’m so honoured to be part of this community. It means so very much to me.

With warmth and appreciation,


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