Melbourne Musician Strikes a Chord Singing Heartwarming Best Man Speech

best man wedding

Dear Friends,

Last week I received a beautiful note from a man who attended our Melbourne movie screening of The Mask You Live In. As many of you know, this film explores a more updated version of masculinity focusing on emotional honesty and the more caring aspects of men.

Here’s what he said…

“I recently saw The Mask You Live In and was so inspired by the message that I wanted to help spread the word. I recently made a video for my brother displaying my love for him at his wedding which was definitely inspired by watching The Mask You Live In. We all know the emotions we have in us, but most of us are too afraid to share them. Thanks for such an amazing project. Dan.”

Enjoy watching Dan’s video – especially from 3:15 min mark.

Dan – I raise my glass to you for being a male role model who embodies vulnerability and compassion as the signs of real strength!

For those interested in the ongoing conversation about men, we are creating a short podcast series with some high profile Australian men focusing on emotional honesty, kindness and vulnerability. Stay tuned for the release in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for being part of this beautiful community!


Jono Fisher