Coffee, Kindness and Tears…

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“It was my second day at my new job. We were having a meeting at a coffee shop – all 5 of us. We were looking for a table that would fit us and an older lady sitting alone promptly offered to move so that we could fit in. Immediately, I overheard my new colleague asking the wait staff to ensure that the lady’s coffee was billed to us. I handed him a Kindness Card and suggested that maybe he could ask the wait staff to anonymously give it to her when she went to pay.

We didn’t think of it again until she was leaving and she tapped my new colleague on the shoulder. There was a deep unspoken connection between the two of them because of the kindness. She was very moved and became choked up before leaving. She offered the card back, yet he explained that she could pass it on herself to someone else. You know – she instantly understood. I love the ripples of kindness and connection that are happening all through our community.”

~ Thank you x. Rachelle, Brisbane.

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Order Your Free Kindness Cards