Daniel Petre: The Good Life

Daniel Petre

“True happiness doesn’t come from things – caring and kindness gives you real joy.”

Daniel Petre sees a ‘good life’ as being determined by generosity, caring for one another and acknowledging our shared frailty as humans. Rather than being exclusively focused on wealth or achievement, he reminds us of the need to value our emotional worlds, our families and cultivating what matters most to us. He has wonderful insights and stories on working shorter hours, the value of spending time with children and how helpful it can be to seek out professional help when needed. Daniel is a genuine, smart and warmhearted man – and one of the bright lights in the Australian business community.

Daniel Petre is one of Australia’s most successful businesspeople and has been at the forefront of the Australian technology industry for 20 years. He’s a philanthropist, author and father of 3 daughters. He was former Head of Microsoft in Australia and was the first Australian Vice President of Microsoft international. Daniel was the founding Chairman of Ecorp, was four years on the PBL Board and brought the likes of Ebay and NineMsn to Australia. In 2005, he earned the title of Officer in the Order of Australia (AO) for his contributions to the country’s business world.

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