Eckhart Tolle on the Small Steps That Lead to Greatness

Oprah and Eckhart

Dear Friends,

When I was considering starting the Wake Up Project, I remember feeling so plagued by doubts and crazy thoughts.

My recurring thoughts were “Who am I to be doing this?”, “What if I fall on my arse?” and “Will this really make me happy?” 

This all changed after watching an interview with Eckhart Tolle. 

He suggested changing the kind of questions we ask. Instead of asking “What do I want?” he suggested asking… “What does Life want from me?” or “How can I serve?” 

He then went on to talk about honouring the small steps – in this very moment.

It was these very words from Eckhart that got me into action with the Wake Up Project.

Fast forward five years, and I’m still far from perfect. However, the formula is the same – ask “How can I serve?”, and then take one simple step, in this very moment.

Watch Eckhart sharing with Oprah how small steps can lead to greatness (1.5 mins).

Try making your primary question, “How can I serve?” You’ll be interested to see what emerges!

I hope you can join us for our special upcoming event with Eckhart Tolle in Sydney.