Father & Son Kindness Experiment

Kindness Story 12 | Father & Son Kindness Experiment | Order Your Free Kindness Cards

“A few nights ago, I took my seven year old son out to be part of the kindness experiment. We talked about the Kindness Cards and how we could do something special for someone. We decided to put $20 in a few envelopes with a Kindness Card and an anonymous note inside saying ‘We think you’re great. Do something nice for yourself’. My son wrote on the outside of the envelopes saying ‘A kindness surprise for you’.

We went to a few houses in our neighborhood, left the envelopes, rang the doorbell and then ran away as fast as possible! The energy and excitement in my son’s face was a sight to behold! We would sit and hide while we waited for someone to open the door. To see their smile made us smile.

This is one of the MOST ENJOYABLE and REWARDING times we have spent together! Kindness gives so much to everyone.”

~ Anonymous Dad

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Order Your Free Kindness Cards