Have you ever felt like you can’t bounce back?


Dear Friends,

Have you ever felt like you can’t bounce back?

I’ve certainly had those times when life seems like it is falling apart.

A decade ago, the founder of the Institute for Mindful Leadership, Janice Marturano, was also struggling to cope.

Over a particularly difficult 18 month period, Janice was the VP for a $15B multinational company (General Mills), while trying to juggle married life and look after her young children. If that wasn’t enough, she unexpectedly lost both of her parents in the same year. The impact was huge.

“I didn’t feel the same. I wasn’t sleeping well and I didn’t bounce back. My mental resilience had become so depleted and there seemed to be a piece of me missing.” 

During this difficult time, she was fortunate to attend a retreat where she was introduced to Mindful Leadership. Here she learned an entirely new approach to living. Through practicing these new skills, her quality of life began to improve and she became more emotionally resilient, compassionate and productive.

Remarkably, Janice used this experience to help transform the entire culture of General Mills – a fortune 200 multinational company.

Through her tenacity and courage, every building on the General Mills campus now has a meditation room and it’s common to find teams of executives meditating silently or practicing yoga together. Recently, The Leadership Excellence Magazine ranked her executive program the #1 training in the US. An incredible example of the impact one person can have – even in a large, publicly listed company!

Janice has become one of the leaders in the field of Mindful Leadership and in 2013 she was the first person to be invited to teach Mindful Leadership at the World Economic Forum.

She has gone on to write the best-selling book Finding the Space to Lead and establish the renowned Institute for Mindful Leadership. Her work has been featured on the BBC, Huff Post, NY Times, Financial Times, Time magazine and Success magazine.

We’re thrilled to have Janice speak at the Mindful Leadership Global Forum. She is one of the great business pioneers reshaping what’s possible in organisational life.

When Janice was asked about work-life balance she said:

“There is no work-life balance. We have one life. What’s most important is that you be awake for it.”

I couldn’t agree more!



P.S. By registering for the forum, you’ll have the chance to do a full-day workshop with Janice on day 2.