Kindness Across Generations

Wake Up Project Kindness Story July 2016 Blog 3 Kindness Across Generations

“Shopping for a few groceries the other night, I noticed the old lady in front of me. She had just a few very basic essentials for herself and a few tins of cat food. She was short changed 50c and the cashier asked her to wait until my shopping was through as he couldn’t open the register. As I was packing my groceries into the trolley I saw her counting the coins she had left with great concern.

I immediately bought some chocolates and gave them to the lady so she could have a treat that night. She didn’t want to take it, but I asked her to please take it. The chocolate was taken with tears and my 6 year old daughter asked why I had given the lady a chocolate as at school they are told not to share food. Choking back the tears, I explained that while we had groceries to last a few days, the lady had very little money and probably had to make her food last for over a week, so I had bought her a treat to make her smile.

After many questions from my daughter about money and the cost of living, all she had to say was, ‘that was beautiful mummy’…the next day my set of Kindness Cards arrived.”

~ Sharri, Geilston Bay.

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