Kindness Gives Back To The Giver

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“It was early in the morning – rush hour for work. I was in a tired cranky mood and a guy in a very stylish business suit and designer glasses pushed in front of me to get on the bus. I was not impressed and become even less so when it turned out he didn’t have the correct change, only a $20 note. The driver told him he wouldn’t accept it and if he didn’t have a ticket he couldn’t ride. The guy exclaimed, ‘Well what am I supposed to do?’ I was standing behind him, still waiting to get past, so I said, ‘Here, I’ll pay for you…’ in the hope that he would get out of my way so I could go and sit down and try and grab a couple of extra minutes sleep on the way to work.

But his look CHANGED EVERYTHING. ‘What? Really?’ he said and his face lit up, in such a soft genuine way. I stopped being cranky and I felt myself warm from the very core, I may have even blushed. ‘Yeah sure,’ I said. ‘Thank you!’ He gasped and gazed at me with such awe and delight I suddenly felt embarrassed by my initial intentions. We both found our seats across from each other on the bus and I leant over and gave him a Kindness Card. (I carry them in my handbag). He took it and SMILED again. He read the card looked back at me and NODDED WARMLY.

Nothing more needed to be said. It was clear I had made his day, he was still beaming with joy and appreciation when he waved me goodbye as I got off the bus. I went to work that day anything but tired and cranky. His genuine appreciation had MADE MY DAY and I found myself smiling in spite of myself just at the thought of it. Even now as I write this I can’t help feeling all warm and fuzzy. Kindness – I’ve realized is one gift that actually gives back to the giver.”

~ Alice, Sydney

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