Kindness Helped To Build A Team

Kindness Story 2 | Kindness Helped To Build A Team | Order Your Free Kindness Cards

“I recently received a Kindness Card at the Dalai Lama public event and I wanted to do something in my workplace that can sometimes be quite a toxic environment. I decided to leave chocolates and the Kindness Card on my new Administration Assistant’s desk before she arrived for work. She had no idea who left the card and I want it to remain that way.

At our morning tea table that day she spoke about how she felt so welcome and part of the team now because someone had left her a gift which meant more than any words could. With tears in her eyes and a smile, she thanked everyone and some of her co-workers had tears of their own. I have since ordered more cards because this simple act of kindness has a ripple effect touching many.”

~ Yvonne, Uralla.

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Order Your Free Kindness Cards