My greatest lesson I learned during Eckhart Tolle’s visit to Australia

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Dear Friends,

I hope you’re really well.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Eckhart Tolle’s Australian tour. As well as attending his retreat and talks, I was also very fortunate to spend some personal time with Eckhart.

We walked, had dinner and enjoyed hanging out. The more I got to know him, the more I liked him. I was genuinely touched by his warmth, friendship and wonderful sense of humour! One thing’s for sure, Eckhart is the real deal. He walks his talk and completely embodies what he teaches. 

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One evening, as I was saying goodnight to Eckhart, he said to me “I often think people would be disappointed getting to know me, realising that I’m just an ordinary person.” In this statement, I felt he was teaching me something. Rather than me projecting any “specialness” upon him, he reminded me that we’re all the same.

I’ve began to see that the main difference between Eckhart (or any other great artist or teacher) and anyone else, is his complete and utter willingness to surrender to the present moment. By doing so, he allows life to dance through him fully and completely, for the benefit of the whole. This is his greatest teaching. May it be so – for many, many more of us! 

Thank you for being part of this wonderful community! 

With warmth and appreciation,


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