Michael Cheika: Being True to Yourself

Michael Cheika

“You are who you are and you don’t have to apologise for that – because nobody is perfect.”

Michael Cheika believes a great team is made up of different types of characters – lovers, fighters, jokers, hard men, quiet types and bookworms. In this first episode of our podcast series, Michael shares how important it is to be true to yourself and what you believe, rather than trying to maintain a certain image based on the media. This includes knowing when to be gentle, tough and never taking yourself too seriously.

Michael is the coach of the Australian Rugby team. He is also the coach of the New South Wales Waratahs, a husband and father of four children. He’s played rugby, has ran a highly successful fashion business and is the only coach to have won the major rugby competitions in both the southern and northern hemispheres.

This interview series is supported by Dove Men+Care.

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