Michael Usher: Living Your Own Truth


“At my age, I don’t care as much about what others think of me.”

At some point in your life, you have to decide whether you’re going to live according to what others expect, or what you feel is right. During this conversation, Michael Usher shares how important it is to be yourself and to not be afraid of showing your emotions. He shares the importance of being vulnerable and asking for support when life gets tough. He has practical insights into the importance of family, children and mates – and how many of the people he has interviewed remind him of what really matters in life.

Michael Usher is a leading Australian reporter for 60 Minutes. He has covered many of the major stories of our time including September 11, the ebola crises, three olympic games, the war in Iraq and the MH-17 crash. Michael has pioneered many new formats including being the first host of the leader’s debate between Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott in 2010. He has three children and calls Sydney home.

This interview series is supported by Dove Men+Care.

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