A Beautiful Gathering of Executives Embracing Mindfulness in Australia

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Dear Friends,

I’ve just arrived home from our first ever Mindful Leadership Global Forum.

Geez, I’m totally blown away by the community of 400 leaders who gathered to create new possibilities for the Australian corporate landscape.

An executive from one of the big 4 banks summed it up…“This event far exceeded my expectations! I feel so incredibly positive and motivated to lead much needed change. Best of all, I’ve learnt I can do all of this just by showing up, being compassionate, listening deeply and being myself.”  

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We heard corporate heavyweights “coming out” and sharing very personal experiences and practices; learnt practical tools and strategies to be authentic and courageous; stories from Paul & Tami Roos about how meditation and compassion impacts their AFL players; meeting new friends, sitting in collective silence….and much, much more.

Overall, it was a unique opportunity to see a genuine and deep listening for how to bring mindfulness, compassion and authenticity into the workplace. 

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A huge thanks to everyone who is helping to build the mindful revolution in Australia. This is far from a fad – and more about humanity, ethics and compassion returning to modern life.

May each of us be the kind of leader the world needs now – one small, mindful and kind step at a time.

With warmth and appreciation,