Ordinary Magic

Practice Kindness All Day Long and You Will Discover You Are Already In Heaven ~ Jack Kerouac

“Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realise you’re already in heaven now.” ~Jack Kerouac

When I sit down to write, I always try and ask “How can I serve?”

Today, the recurring thought is “kindness, kindness, kindness”.

I often notice a deep thirst for an essential nutrient. I can numb this ache with work, TV, texts or any number of my addictions of choice. Alternatively, I can sometimes step back and “practice” something different.

In many meditation traditions they repeat the phrase, “Start again”. It acknowledges our need to continually come back to what’s most important.

So “start again” with kindness. For real. Right now.

1. Take three deep breaths into your belly.
2. Ask the question, “How can I be kind today?”
3. Listen.

Your idea will most likely be small…

“Phone your mum”
“Put a love note in Sarah’s lunchbox”
“Take yourself for a massage”
“Text Robert how great you think he is.”

Don’t fret if no ideas come. Grab a Kindness Card, buy a single flower, write an uplifting note and anonymously pop it on a colleagues desk.

The ‘Kindness Revolution’ is rarely large and flashy. It lives in the ordinary magic of your daily life.

Like eating good food, kindness is an essential nourishing ingredient – and repetition is the key.

Today, we “start again”. Together we make the world a little kinder.

Don’t complicate it. Give yourself permission to make it simple.

A deep bow to you.

Warmly, Jono

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