Paying for a Father’s Groceries

Kindness Story 16 | Paying for a Father's Groceries | Order Your Free Kindness Cards

“I watched while an upset father and a crying child were trying to buy groceries, but with minimal cash. The father used his phone to try and transfer money to his card. He tried again but the payment was once again denied. My heart was touched when I saw the father walking away with his upset child explaining that some of the food would had to be returned.

I moved forward in the queue to pay for my items and gave the shop assistant an extra $50 along with a Kindness Card. I told him that I would like to cover the man’s groceries and any money left over was to be given to the man. I don’t know who was more shocked – the man or the assistant. I left the store (before the transaction went through) with an amazing feeling of joy!”

~ Kerrie, Figtree

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