Tanveer Ahmed: Modern Masculinity and Second Chances

Tanveer Ahmed

“I’m trying to shift from ‘resume credentials’ to ‘eulogy credentials’.”

Tanveer Ahmed believes the nature of masculinity is in great transition – and many men aren’t coping well. He shares that men are scoring higher on the markers of ‘emotional distress’ including suicide, substance abuse, online addiction, violence – and even eating disorders. To help facilitate this “gender transition”, he believes men need more opportunities for open conversations and easier access to the skills of emotional intelligence. In a vulnerable moment, Ahmed shared the personal embarrassment of being publicly exposed on ABC’s Media Watch for plagiarism. He also shared about the value of second chances, vulnerability and the need for good support networks.

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed is the child of Bangladeshi immigrants. He is a psychiatrist, author and media personality who has contributed to the likes of ABC, SBS, the Sydney Morning Herald and Channel 7’s Sunrise show. In 2008, the Prime Minister’s Committee acknowledged Tanveer as one of a hundred ‘future leaders in Australia under the age of 40’. His first book is a migration memoir called The Exotic Rissole.

This interview series is supported by Dove Men+Care.

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