Your Life Purpose

The most meaningful events that have shaped our lives have, by far, been the smallest and the most subtle. ~ Caroline Myss

“The most meaningful events that have shaped our lives have, by far, been the smallest and the most subtle.”

This morning I met up with a good friend for a cuppa. By way of background, this guy is one of the most heartfelt, present and thoughtful people around. He’s also very responsible and runs a great business. You get the idea.

During our chat, my friend shared his sense of feeling unsettled about his “life purpose” – and how he feels like he could be doing something “bigger” or more “meaningful” with his life. As we spoke, I began to hear the words of Caroline Myss in my mind – probably a result of me doing my homework before she arrives in two weeks!

Caroline Myss often suggests that instead of viewing our “life purpose” as something “special”, we might be more accurate seeing it within the realm of the “ordinary” and “invisible”.

Recently, I was listening to an interview where Caroline was reflecting on her 30 year career of 5 x New York Times bestsellers, teaching around the world and appearing on Oprah etc. She then distilled it all…

I finally got it! I could see that the highest potential of a human being was the capacity to channel grace to another human being — and that the tiniest act of service or compassion has the most compelling, life-transforming impact on a human being.”

As I looked over my cup of coffee at my friend, all I could see was a man already deeply “on purpose”. Every time we meet, he greets me with a big hug, a smile and warmth in his eyes. He listens like I’m the only one on the planet. He speaks honestly and is so caring towards the people in his life. How could he be anything other than “on purpose”?

May you drop the need for the big, public and the flashy. May you realise the huge power that rests in the tiny and the ordinary moments of your everyday life.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Warmly, Jono

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