What Attendees Are Saying

“I was overwhelmed!”
Costa Georgopoulos, Host, Gardening Australia

“Food for my soul.”
Loretta Reilly, Attendee

“A wonderful experience.”
Craig Davis, BrandKarma

“I really value the wake up experience in my life.”
Chris Mordue, Psychotherapist

“I wish all films were preceded by meditation!”
Lisa Malouf, Writer & Actor

“Something very special happened tonight.”
Jeff McMullen, Journalist

“You’re doing an amazing job!”
Robina Courtin, Buddhist Nun

“Kind heartedness was everywhere!”
Petrea King, Quest for Life 

“I’m continually blown away by all that you do!”
Denise Moss, Attendee

“A bath in the human spirit!”
Dean Carey, Actors Centre Australia

“A magical and unforgettable evening.”
Tracey Allen, Red Cockatoo

“Inspiring, honest & generous.”
Leanne O’Loughlin, Attendee