Search Inside Yourself – What to Expect?



How would you like to find more peace and resilience at work? 


The way we are working isn’t working.

Gallup reports that over 70% of employees are disengaged and only 8% of people agree that they experience overall wellbeing because of their work.

Take, for instance, the modern workplace: it is full of burned-out people who have little bandwidth for big-picture thinking, for innovation or for building strong cultures.

But what if we flipped this, and instead saw work as a place to be inspired and supported in our growth and wellbeing?

This is exactly what Google’s Search Inside Yourself program is all about. It was developed within Google to provide practical and evidence based tools that can be applied within any workplace to help people thrive. 

This course is also designed with time to reflect, journal and prioritise.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in a rut, want to learn powerful new skills or want to bring more of yourself to work – you will love this course!

>> Come and Search Inside YourselfSearch Inside Yourself | Book Now | Sydney, 23-24 March 2017 | Melbourne, 27-28 March 2017