[8th Birthday] May Kindness flood the world…

WUP_BirthdayDear Friends,

I hope you’re really well.

Our 8th birthday arrives at a very uncertain time in the world.

These times reminds me of an ancient Tibetan prophecy that describes a group of “Warriors” rising to the occasion when conditions on the earth are most troubling. Whether as a fact or myth, these Warriors absolutely devote themselves to training in the most noble qualities of the human spirit.

The ultimate goal of these Warriors is to create a Kind Society.

For eight years, it’s been my privilege to inspire you to be kind to yourself and others. Every email, live event, conference, social media post, Kindness Card and podcast is to support this goal.

Kindness doesn’t mean grand and heroic actions, but the small and ordinary acts.

Kindness means learning to calm your mind and becoming sensitive to the opportunities to extend love.

Kindness sees all beings as family – in kinship.

Kindness means we treat ourselves with deep reverence and friendliness.

Kindness undercuts differences between people and focuses on our inherent goodness.

Kindness sees the magic in the small and the ordinary.

Kindness reclaims the sacredness of our bodies, each other and all living beings.

Kindness has healing powers to transform your life and our world.

Kindness is the true sign of an advanced society, an intelligent society.

Right now, pause and ask yourself, “Whose life can I bless today?” It could be calling a friend to apologise, signing a petition or sending a heartfelt text message. The opportunities are everywhere.

My 8th birthday wish is that you become a “Warrior” for kindness.

Thank you for your amazing support. I raise my glass to you!


P.S. Do you know someone who would like to spread more kindness? Please pass on this blog post to them with the link to our Free Kindness Cards. They will thank you for it.

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