Eckhart Tolle on the Small Steps That Lead to Greatness

Dear Friends, When I was considering starting the Wake Up Project, I remember feeling so plagued by doubts and crazy thoughts. My recurring thoughts were “Who am I to be doing this?”, “What if I fall on my arse?” and “Will this really make …

Thank you Brené Brown

Last week, I had the great privilege of spending time with the delightful Brené Brown. When you hang out with Brené, you feel better about yourself – with all your imperfections, failures and messiness. She is so genuine and real; on …

A Gift for the Dalai Lama

This weekend was one giant kindness experiment!

It started with an interview on Channel 7’s Sunrise and ended with our “kindness crew” handing out kindness cards to the Dalai Lama’s audience of 11,000 people!

During my talk at the Dalai Lama’s event, I invited each person in the audience to do one act of kindness with a kindness card and send in their story by the end of June.

Here’s the special part – we’re going to compile a selection of these kindness card stories into a beautifully designed book and give it to the Dalai Lama as a thank-you.

A Dedication…

I’d like to dedicate this brand new blog + TV Show. It’s my heartfelt wish that we all benefit from this online gathering. May it be genuine, grounded and practical; May it deepen accountability and commitment. May it awaken wisdom and make us kinder.

My sincere gratitude goes to the many people who have helped bring the Wake Up Project to life. Innumerable acts of kindness are the fuel for this work. My special thanks goes to my life-partner and sweetheart, Claire. Without you darling, I would never have made it this far.