Giving Without Expectation…

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“I just received my Kindness Cards in the mail earlier this week. Rather than ‘planning’ on how I was going to use them, I decided to just go with intuition and feel when was the right time. It happened today! I was at the service station filling my car with gas and an old bomb of a car pulled up at the bowser next to me. It was a cold day here in Canberra, and the man that got out of the car was only wearing shorts, t-shirt and a pair of thongs! It felt like the right time for some kindness, so I headed for the checkout.

On announcing to the attendant that I would like to pay for number 11 AND 12, he looked at me strangely and said “Why, would you do that? Do you know that guy?” I said “No”. He said, “Then why would you pay for his fuel?” I simply told him “Because it’s a kind thing to do.” A HUGE smile came on his face and he looked quite excited. He said, “Wow! That has never, ever happened before!”

I handed him my credit card, and a Kindness Card and asked him to give it to the man from bowser 12 when he came in to pay. I then quietly walked back to my car, and got out of there before he made it to the checkout.

It felt so good to give, with no expectation of being thanked, but ‘just because’. Thank you!”

~ Belinda, Canberra

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Order Your Free Kindness Cards