Is There Anyone Who Needs Cheering Up?

Kindness Story 23 | Is There Anyone Who Needs Cheering Up | Order Your Free Kindness Cards

“Today I rang the local nursing home and asked if there was anyone who needed cheering up. Without giving away any information except my first name, they told me there was a lady called Margaret who has dementia. Margaret has no family left and hasn’t had a visitor for over two years.

I arranged for a large bunch of bright coloured flowers to be sent to her today. The nursing home thought my gesture was lovely and looked forward to Margaret’s joy at receiving them – they said she would smile for days at the gesture.

I attached a Kindness Card to an unsigned greeting card that read, ‘May these flowers make you smile, in turn making others feel your joy.’

I have tears of sadness that she is all alone in this world, but hopefully this will brighten her day.”

~ Anonymous Kindness Card user

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